Accounting and Taxation

We assist our clients in fulfilling the periodical fiscal requirements for enterprises, individuals, companies and organisations, which require the intervention of professionals who are always up to speed and can help clients across the board. Studio Pasotto & Partners (SPP) can guide its clients through all the necessary stages in order to attain positive, tangible and appreciable results. The services provided by the firm through its professionals and support staff include:
Advice on business transactions in foreign countries and handling of the related fiscal and bureaucratic requirements;
Advice on accounting and taxation to solve contingencies for companies;
Advice and assistance with taking out self-employed status and fulfilling the related requirements (filling out forms, registering with authorities, etc.);
Preparation of financial statements and depositing at the Register of Companies;
Compilation and online filing of annual tax returns;
Preparation and submission of tax payment forms;
Tax planning – calculation of taxes to be paid to the State;
Periodical reporting on financial positions and comparative analyses.