Banking and Financial Advisory Services

We provide assistance with accessing credit, and analyse the dynamics of the applicable rates and their trends over the course of the repayment period. Financial consultancy allows us to optimize the sources of coverage for investments of corporate equity or an entrepreneur’s personal funds. More specifically, Studio Pasotto & Partners (SPP) provides:
  • Assistance with investments;
  • Assistance with loans;
  • ‘Sabatini’ law applications;
  • Leasing plans.
Financial recovery plans and more positive relationships with banks are measures which can save a company and keep it going.  
We draw up short- and long-term financial requirement plans, setting up a suitable financial strategy for improving relations with the credit sector:
  • Determine the effective financial requirements of the enterprise;
  • Draw up a suitable economic plan;
  • Establish positive relations with banks and suppliers.
Debt restructuring is one of the most recent inclusions in corporate law.
  • It consists of a procedure in which the original conditions for a loan (interest rate, due dates, currency, warranty period) are renegotiated in order to lighten the debtor’s load and facilitate the continuance of their business operations;
  • The procedure is undertaken as a corporate recovery measure;
  • We provide assistance in liaising with banks as a tool for managing and developing business strategies aimed at company growth and evolution.  
Studio Pasotto & Partners (SPP) can assist its clients with any financial operation, from loans covering day-to-day costs to the need for resources for a new investment or to grant the severance pay owed to an employee. We also negotiate with banks on their behalf in order to attain the best possible terms. Whether it’s the evaluation of a leasing plan or a loan, or negotiating a mortgage to allow the purchase of real estate, our clients can count on swift, effective action.
  • Benefits assessment for leasing plans, loans and mortgages;
  • Assistance with obtaining loans, mortgages or other lines of credit;
  • Negotiation and renegotiation with banks and loan providers;
  • Assistance obtaining relief provided by government measures;
  • Financial analyses, investment planning and equity management.