Corporate Law and Notarial Services

By this we mean all the services provided by our partner legal firms specialising in accounts auditing and corporate administration. Studio Pasotto & Partners (SPP) has partnerships with a number of notarial firms so that our clients can avail of their expertise. The services we provide through our staff and partners include:
  • Articles of association in Italy and abroad;
  • Capital management;
  • Assistance with bookkeeping, fiscal requirements and election of headquarters;
  • Assistance with preparing preliminary and consolidated financial statements;
  • Assistance with transferring shares, stocks and segments of companies;
  • Fiscal and corporate support with loans and investments;
  • Advice and assistance with choosing the right form of company and founding companies, groups and networks of enterprises, as well as drafting shareholders’ agreements;   
  • Assistance at the start-up stage and with general company administration;
  • Advice and assistance with extraordinary operations (from practical and financial feasibility studies to signing the legal papers and fulfilling all the legal requirements) such as: conversion, merger, demerger, contribution in kind;
  • Planning and management of generational handovers;
  • Advice and assistance with drafting all forms of contract.
All activities are carried out in accordance with our own Code of Practice and the codes adopted by our partner firms.