The concept of ‘internationalization’ is at the same time a cause and a consequence of globalization and the growing integration of economies on a global level, and serves to create a forward-looking corporate vision and reach markets without any barriers. This is why understanding the peculiarities of this phenomenon is vital to pinpointing the behaviours companies need to adopt if they are to be successful both in traditional markets and in emerging countries. With the cooperation of foreign professionals and institutions, SPP can support companies and entrepreneurs preparing to face this issue for the first time and who wish to adopt new perspectives in order to penetrate markets in Europe and worldwide.


the company needs to be very clear about the following assessment and analysis stages, which are vital preliminaries and the first step in any internationalization process:
  • opportunity (ensure there are market opportunities in new geographical areas)
  • capacity (check the production, financial and organizational capacity of the company in order to make sales and establish a position in foreign markets)
  • strategy (define sales and business strategies)
  • analysis (study and analysis of the target market)
  • contacts (make contact with local operators)
  • increase income by expanding geographical horizons
  • reduce costs by using overseas suppliers
Attainable results:
  • increase turnover
  • increase profits
  • reduce tax and welfare burdens
  • improve competitivity
  • economies of scale
  • risk diversification