Investigative Services

Through a partnership arrangement, Studio Pasotto & Partners (SPP) gives its clients the opportunity to avail of the services of our trusted private investigation agency, which carries out investigations in every sphere of private and business affairs, using cutting-edge technology and acting in full compliance with privacy legislation. You can find out more from their website – just click on ‘Our Partnerships’. There you’ll find a detailed list of the services provided, which include:
  • surveillance operations;
  • recordings;
  • tailing;
  • activity checks;
  • in the field of business: monitoring to prevent digital crimes and theft of assets, or to uncover cases of industrial espionage, embezzlement of money/assets, divulgation of confidential information by members of staff, fraudulent use of the permits allowed to employees under Law no. 104, members of staff who absent themselves from work without just cause or who feign illness or injury;
  • upon request, the agency can collaborate with the State Police, Carabinieri, Financial Police, local police and civil and criminal law firms.  
The private investigation agency provides investigation and technical advice services, and produces video and photographic evidence and detailed written reports, all of which can be used in and out of court.  
Their investigative activities include:
  • environmental and phone sweeps;
  • theft and damage;
  • harassment, blackmail or threats;
  • handwriting, typing and fingerprint analysis;
  • computer forensics;
  • audio recordings and transcriptions;
  • counter-tailing service.