Personnel Management Services

We can manage your company’s human capital by applying our knowledge of labour legislation to help you find the best choice for your company in terms of employment contracts, labour relations and resource optimization.
The services Studio Pasotto & Partners (SPP) provides through our staff and partners include:
  • Using online platforms to inform the relevant local authorities when new staff members have been hired;
  • Assistance with and preparation of formal offers of employment (Italian, English, etc.), including non-typical forms of contract;
  • Records of lump-sum overtime payments;
  • Non-compete agreements;
  • Stability pacts;
  • Assistance with and preparation of letters of appointment (Italian, English, etc.);
  • Assistance with and preparation of fixed-term contracts under the terms of article 2222 of the Code of Civil Law (Italian, English, etc.);
  • Assistance with and preparation of agreements between trade unions and individual companies;
  • Assistance with and preparation of warning letters and disciplinary measures in the event of employee misconduct;
  • Online filing of notice of termination of employment to the relevant local authorities;
  • Examination of employment papers;
  • Liaisons with trade unions;
  • Study, assessment and advice on the most advantageous hiring options available on the market at any given time;
  • Calculation of monthly salaries and wages based on the data provided to us through online integrated personnel management software;  
  • Preparation of F24 forms for the payment of staff National Insurance contributions and income tax;
  • Completion and online submission of UNIEMENS forms for the payment of National Insurance contributions;
  • Completion of forms for making payment and declaring payment of contributions to supplementary welfare funds;
  • Advice and assistance in the event of there being need to divide payments into instalments;
  • Preparation and completion of ordinary and simplified 770 forms and online filing with the Ministry of Finance;
  • Provision of monthly data allowing staffing costs to be detracted from company books;
  • Completion and submission of annual INAIL (accident-at-work insurance) declarations, with self-reporting of the premiums paid;
  • Preparation and submission of notices of accidents to the INAIL bureau and public safety authorities;
  • Preparation and submission of monthly declarations to Constructors’ Associations in all of Italy;
  • Provision and completion of ‘CU’ (Certificato Unico) annual income declarations;
  • Management of employees with disabled status (under law no. 68 of 12/03/1999 and subsequent amendments to the same);
  • Handling of any labour disputes arising after the termination of employment;
  • Handling of the relevant bureaucracy and representation in interactions with the Labour Ministry, Department of Labour and the various taxation and welfare bureaus;   
  • Management of employee transfer procedures and assistance with the relevant welfare provisions;
  • Assistance and advisory services in the event of accounting inspections;
  • Assistance with “Welfare Representation” paperwork for foreign enterprises without a permanent establishment in Italy which desire to use employees in Italian territory.  
As you can see from this list, we help business owners with every facet of human resources, from calculating wages and giving advice on staff organization to personnel management and advisory services of all kinds in the field of labour relations, as well as helping with trade-union liaisons.