Specialist Advisory Services

We provide a highly specialized service which allows us to meet special requirements in the fields of taxation, law, business and corporate matters. Thanks to our group of qualified professionals, we can provide specialist advisory services in a number of different areas. The following are just some of the services offered by Studio Pasotto & Partners (SPP): 

  1. Taxation

    Formal advice on specific problems of a fiscal nature drawn up on request.
  2. Tax relief
Investigation into the possibilities for obtaining and the benefits deriving from tax relief in the form of tax credits, and deduction of costs incurred for research and development.
  3. Monitor the opportunities provided under financial intermediaries legislation.
  4. Compliance
Full and accurate knowledge of the reporting requirements concerning holding companies, in line with Italian legislation as well as FATCA and CRS.  
  5. Legal matters
Analysis and assessment regarding the preparation of models for preventing and managing legal and/or reputational risk for companies.
  6. Accounting/Financial Statements
Preliminary assessment of the opportunities and potential advantages arising from the adoption of the IAS.  
  7. Company strategy/management
Cost-benefit analyses concerning extraordinary capitalization operations (mergers, demergers, contributions in kind, etc.), both in Italy and internationally.
  8. Company continuity
Assistance with generational handover.
  9. Finance
Issuing of so-called "Mini Bonds", including as part of a comparative cost-benefit analysis with other forms of financing.