Accounting and Administration

This department is made up of professionals who work synergistically within the firm.

To work in this area requires the ability to think analytically, work with method and accuracy, and handle numbers and spreadsheets. Our accountants know all the legislation pertaining to their work, the due dates for taxation, and the documentation to provide in order to meet the relevant requirements. They work in accordance with the regulations, when it comes to both general and analytical accounting.   
Our head of admin keeps track of every movement in the firm, helps handle the accounting flow and acts as a watchdog ensuring that procedures are followed and tax requirements fulfilled. Their duties involve dealing with general administrative matters, handling and filing various kinds of documents, maintaining correspondence outside the firm and monitoring other departments in the firm when requested to do so.

While our accountants analyse figures and draft reports and documents, our admin staff help to make them effective, as well as working with various teams, interfacing with the management and handling staff matters.