Legal Advice

Our legal services are provided by professional lawyers on the following matters:

Civil Law
In-depth knowledge of commercial, corporate, contract and credit-recovery law.

Taxation Law
In-house assistance with tax inspections, at the pre-court and court stages.
Assistance with mediation and negotiation processes.

Thanks to the many years of experience built up by our network of professionals as regards trusteeship of inheritances in abeyance, we can provide a high level of legal and fiscal advice in the field of inheritances, even in the event of legal disputes surrounding the legacy.

Medical Negligence
Assistance in the field of medical negligence, allowing victims and their families to obtain rightful compensation for any damage caused because of any medical errors concerning diagnosis or treatment, non-provision of medical care or disservices by hospitals and clinics.

Banking Law
Advice and assistance with various kinds of disputes with banks: concerning current-account terms, financial instruments, mortgage agreements and financial difficulties (compound interest, agreements voided due to breach of vital terms, usury).

Credit Recovery
Advice and assistance with all needs pertaining to credit recovery (out-of-court procedures, warnings, presentation of application for bankruptcy, proof of debt).